The aim of SEEDS is to increase and enhance capacities for entities located in MENA countries for vocational education and training, to increase working and work quality with Youth in a Green agriculture, following the principles of regenerative agriculture. This leads to increase the access to the labour market of participating youngsters and their better self-identification in the society. Gender equality in economic activity can generate substantial macroeconomic gains.

   The status of female labour force participation in MENA countries, including aspects reflecting women’s economic activity such as unemployment, occupational segregation, earnings, working condition, and entrepreneurship, including critical enabling factors are a big problem which can be outdated by increasing knowledge, building skills and presenting significant examples. SEEDS believe that girls, young females and finally women at home and in society should benefit of their agency and freedom of choice.

     Partners were selected from all Southern Mediterranean area (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan), benefitting of support activities from highly respected European entities, public and private, acting from Romania, Spain, Austria and Hungary, ensuring a successful implementation of proposed actions and continuity.


     SEEDS will form young people, targeting mostly on female youth with fewer opportunities as to increase their level of competencies and foster their active participation in the society. The impact will be multiplied by snowball effect, new formed youth trainer will teach further other young people from their communities to prepare and to start GREEN small businesses and REGENERATING farms or to boost their already existing ones. SEEDS will use RES (PV panels, windmills for irrigations systems) along regenerative solution of agriculture (holistic farming practices that aim to improve soil health and reverse climate change by expanding biodiversity, improving the water cycle, increasing organic matter in soil structure, and transferring carbon from the atmosphere to the soil) for SMART farming. In order to increase productivity and products quality, the future young female entrepreneurs will also learn and apply how to avoid using chemical pesticides and advocate for methods like crop rotation, livestock rotation, composting, no-till farming, agroecology, and agroforestry. Regenerative agriculture increases the amount of arable topsoil, which results in a healthier, better agri-food system.

     SEEDS is developing an Educational Platform with interactive multilingual training modules which will introduce Organic Farming, Fair Trade principles, Innovations in Healthy Food and Food Production, Healthy Farming and Agriculture RES Solutions to Youth and organizations working with Youth. Learning supplemented by an experimental approach (Entrepreneurship and Business Plan education) and development of technical skills for innovative healthy farming solutions inside Regenerative Agriculture Entrepreneurs Incubators will entitle young participants for YOUTH PASS.
     As summarized outcome, SEEDS will build Experimental RE-GEN Entrepreneurs Incubators in all MENA countries – a pilot initiative able to put in practice the acquired skills during the training and to supply Healthy Food to poor communities with limited possibilities. RE-GEN will give the opportunity to share agro-food knowledge and to promote free exchange of information, in benefit of increasing the equity of labour and decreasing the gender inequalities in MENA. SEEDS will bring in Europe the knowledge of close to desert agriculture

Promoting Female Entrepreneurship

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