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The project has developed a preschool pedagogy, described through a collection of ressource materials that contains educational guidelines and principles, methods and themes, best practice and a concrete toolkit that faciliate digital media competences, social entrepreneurial mindsets, key entrepreneurial competences and social inclusion. The resource materials has been developed and tested across the local experimenting communities in the 4 partner countries, so they are transferable across preschools in European countries and usable by preschool educators.

The educational guidelines and principles provide preschool educators and other stakeholders with the pedagogical thinking behind the developed preschool pedagogy, containing theoretical background, didactic and learning theoretical principles and guidelines, and a competence framework of entrepreneurial mindsets, competences, digital media use, and social inclusion.

The methods consist of a practical manual that describes the different pedagogical method and activities developed and tested in the project, using step-by-step guides. This cover themes like social inclusion, entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial competence compass, combining digital and analogues tools, experimenting communities in preschool education etc.

The best practice activities gives examples of the methods and learning activities developed in the project. They give concrete descriptions followed by pictures and video examples as well as personal statements from preschool educators and children.

The toolkits will be 4 concrete kits or boxes (1 available in each of the partner countries) of already available and technology that will be developed together with children, educators stakeholders and partners, and based on the pedagogical principles and skill framework of the project. It will contain a composition of digital and analogue materials for children to be creative innovators such as little electronic components (e.g. lights, sound modules) and tinkering materials such as paper, glue, felt, etc. Further it will contain manuals and descriptions for educators on how to employ this in a preschool setting. The developed technology will be published as open content guidelines for developers, preschool educators and other practitioners.


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