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Video from the training in Bremen October 2019

Here are some impressions from workshops at the second training, which took place in Bremen. The educators worked with technology, analogue materials, storytelling and co-creation of stories.

Training in Aarhus February 2019


The first Training Workshop for preschool teachers from Sicily, Cyprus, Germany and Denmark was held at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark from 4th – 6th Feb. 2019. This was the first time that the 28 teachers met the other teachers from the four different countries.


Over the 3 days, the teachers worked hands-on with different forms of digital technology and with non-digital resources to build models of their own institutions and the environments in which they were placed. In order to connect the teachers and their physical institutions robots were used to ‘travel’ between the institutions and the countries. The teachers were introduced to different kinds of technology including apps for making drawings talk, an app for creating stories, and an app that transforms background and allows images to be placed in new contexts. This was supplemented with the introduction of a range of simple robots that can be easily programmed and used in preschool.


In order to structure the process, the teachers were also presented with a change-maker pedagogy that starts with the individual (child) and then builds on relationships with others, through strategies stimulated by a desire to investigate, discover and experiment. The goals were to begin to think about how children become entrepreneurial and how the competences they need for the 21st century can be supported by an open and inclusive pedagogy. There are no wrong answers but the ability to ask questions is central to the entrepreneurial learning processes. The teachers will then take this pedagogy back to their own institutions and work to build experimenting communities that can inspire, stimulate, motivate and present different ways of working with digital technology inside and between their institutions.




At the end of the 3 days, the teachers worked across the national groups to produce a presentation of the ‘SEEDS world’ where their models of their institutions were combined together in an exciting and complex image. The teachers were enthusiastic about what they learned and went back inspired by new methods and ideas for incorporating digital technology into their institutions and keen to share their experiences with the other teachers both nationally and internationally.




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